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2012 off to a great start!

7 Jan

Hello Plus Size World!

Off to a great start in 2012 already and it’s only the beginning. At FranBlass – Plus size Lingerie & Clothing Store, we are definitely gearing up on the social media front and I already have a few things to share with you.

Some things planned for 2012 will be:

  • more blogging (including product reviews from our site and news and articles about plus size and fashion).
  • new contests – our Halloween contest was a huge hit so we have a new one for you. Check it out – Win a boudoir shoot with “How to look good naked” photographer Katie Refling. (additional blog will be posted soon about this exciting opportunity.)
  • more updates via social media – Facebook and Twitter

Join us on twitter and check out some of the exciting tweets from Ben Barry Agency regarding Tim Gunn has to say about plus size models and fashion. I met Ben Barry a few years ago at an event and he is a true champion of body diversity. It’s great that plus size is making some headway in the fashion industry.

Signing off for now…

by Flora


1, 2, 3, Diet – Really??!! Goal Setting In The New Year

6 Jan

So the new year is upon us, and every new year we make resolutions. However, how many of those resolutions are the same old resolutions you have been making year after year? 

Most are probably about weight loss, start exercising, quit smoking, and/or spend more time with family. If this sounds like you – it’s time to set some new goals or refresh old goals by making them “SMART”er, making yourself accountable and giving yourself an incentive. 

If one of your goals is to lose weight – set incremental goals. By setting incremental goals you will be able to see progress and you will not procrastinate. It’s okay to rework your goals but set some hard dates as well. If you don’t make your goal, don’t get too hard on yourself, you can rework your goal into something else. For example, your original goal may be to lose 20 pounds – one pound per week, for four months – but in as the second month comes to an end, you have only lost 2 pounds and you’re not anywhere near the 8 pounds you wanted to lose. You can keep trying and put in more effort or you can rework your goal to just exercise for 30 minutes every day. If you’re already doing 30 minutes everyday, increase it to 45 minutes or 1 hour. 

Find someone to motivate you when you’re not feeling so motivated. Working with a partner, be it a friend, a spouse or that special someone helps keep you going when you don’t feel up to it. Write it down, join a support group online, blog, or just leave us notes on our facebook page or twitter and talk about your progress. By writing it down for others to see, it makes you accountable for your actions and you can also get encouragement from other as well. 

Reward yourself. For every milestone you reach give yourself a little something, it could be as simple as buying a new article of clothing – consider one of our sexy pieces – or you can purchase a $50 gift card each time you hit your milestone in hopes to purchase that one big item like a new flat screen or ipad2 (you have been eyeing all year) at the end of your goal. Giving yourself small rewards will help keep you motivated to reach your goal. 

Also consider taking up something new or going back to what you love to do. This will make it feel less like trying at it and will be more incorporated into your daily activities while you work on your goal. Every year I try to pick up a new sport or hobby. One year I tried snowboarding and loved it and want to pick it up again. Another year I tried tennis and it was fun but I didn’t continue it because I don’t have anyone to play tennis with. I also tried learning to play a guitar and photography, which flopped but atleast I tried. I have picked up drawing and painting again and am enjoying doing that in my free time. Just doing something different from the norm will help keep you energized and passionate about what you want to do to keep up the good work on the goals you have set for yourself. 

So instead of a diet, maybe set goals in regards to watching what you eat, or eating healthy or making meal plans ahead of time. Instead of start exercising, set a schedule of when you want to go to the gym or do some in home training or even just to get out and walk for 15 or 30 minutes. Instead of quit smoking, maybe your goal can consist of cutting back or finding what your trigger points to smoking are. Instead of spend more time with family, schedule family nights or visits or for those who live far away, book your vacation days and buy your ticket. 

So tell us what your new year’s resolution is and how you will accomplish it, or what you want to do different this year. Don’t just set a goal, set incremental goals to achieve your goal.  In the end you will achieve it and feel good about it. 

Best wishes to a great start in the new year and to accomplishing a resolution this year!

What Is Plus Size?

6 Jan

While I was standing in line waiting to pay for some items that I had picked out, I was looking at the stand full of magazines.  On the rack, were titles regarding the Kardashians, pictures of skinny celebrities and weight loss/get fit titles. Then I thought to myself, now, why aren’t there any magazines to celebrate who we are? So I get it – I should lose some weight – the same 20 pounds I’ve been trying to lose for the last 5 years but that stubborn 20 pounds is not falling off.  And even if I lost the 20 pounds, I am still overweight according to the national “Guidelines for Body Weight Classification in Adults”.*

 So why are we not celebrating who we are? We’re big beautiful women! We are women who are smart, fun, bubbly, confident and full of character. There should be more magazines – or at least one magazine on the rack that keeps it real. We need to love who we are.

 Did You Know:

  • 13 million adults weigh over the “standard” weight **
  • 52.3% of the population is considered overweight **
  • The plus-size industry was worth around $22 billion dollars in sales per year+
  • 12 million women aged 18-34 and 20 million women aged 35-54 buy plus-size clothes ++
  • The top 10 plus-size ladies-wear retailers make up 57 per cent of the total plus-size clothing market’s dollar share+++
  • Lots of men prefer plus size women – BBW is now becoming a norm on most dating sites with some sites dedicated to BBW dating.

What is a Plus Size Woman?

Plus size models start at size 10.  Lane Bryant, a popular plus size store in the US start their clothing size at size 14.  Women who may be well endowed above (big breasts) cannot normally fit the regular size 10 shirts.  Other women who have more junk in their trunk (nice round plump bottoms) may not fit a size 14 pair of jeans.  Whether you are pear, athletic, apple or busty shape, being a plus size women, you are voluptuous, you’re curvy and you should embrace your assets!

You are not abnormal – you represent more than half of the population and that makes you pretty normal.  Unfortunately the media does not celebrate us, but we can celebrate us.  You can be beautiful at any size! We encourage you to live a healthy, fit and fabulous life.  Regardless if you’re already living it, or trying to – just live your best life.  

Let us know what you love most about you!

Please leave a comment here on this blog or join our Facebook discussion on the topic of ‘Loving You’….. 

Whatever it is, Love what you have and who you are!

Happy Holidays! 


Who Do You Want To Be??

6 Jan

Plus Size Nurse Costume

It’s that time of the year again when many people wear outfits and costumes.  You are always buying from us so we wanted to offer something free to our loyal customers.  Our contest runs for a month and so far we have enjoyed receiving the feedback and comments – you are making it so much fun! 

If you know that you’ll need something special in early to mid October for a party or for a bedroom seduction, don’t wait until after the contest to buy!  Don’t worry, if you win, we’ll provide a refund, if not, you have secured your outfit. 

We hope you are having fun with the contest so connect with us on Facebook too for a free entry and share your comments there if you like.  Trust me, I’ve had quite a few chuckles already from your emails…. I’m still laughing and oh yes, don’t forget to finish off your sexy plus size outfits with Baci eyelashes… you’ll be surprised to find out that we might have the right color for your costume. 

Good Luck and Have Fun!

BBW – Big Beautiful Wellness

6 Jan

The internet can be such a great thing!  Let me introduce to you a plus size resource website and the amazing Liz Callum, the founder.  Liz is down to earth, she’s funny and she’s come up with a website to bring plus sized women together.  Not only does she have plus size resources such as fashion, health and fitness, she organizes retreats to fabulous places, has events and a yearly gala that you should not miss!

What I love the most about Liz and her team is their mission and I quote:

“We believe that:

  • Good Health is the ULTIMATE GOAL
  • Participating in all aspects of a normal life is fundamental
  • Body size is not a true indication of Health
  • Society / Diet Industry focus is skewering women’s perceptions of their own attractiveness 
  • Fat Acceptance is not the goal – Wellness is the target”

Isn’t this a great mission?  I really like this.  It touches on everything that has crossed my mind as a plus sized gal myself.  A lot of times we focus on losing weight or getting slim.  Madness!  What we should be focusing on is the above.  Good Health!!  If we focus on that, I think some of the things we concern ourselves about will fall off and if you’re trying to lose weight for example but focus on good health, the weight will fall off too because good health will include good eating, some exercise etc. etc.

Body size is not a true indication of Health.  I have skinny friends that cannot outrun me or outlast me in the gym, they eat all the wrong things and still remain skinny but underneath unhealthy…. being skinny is not my goal, being fit and healthy is!

I am inspired and hope you are too.  Please visit the Big Beautiful Wellness (BBW) website and facebook when you get a chance, sign up for their events and enjoy being ‘the beautiful you’!

BBW website

Baci Eyelashes

6 Jan

We are so excited to introduce to you some stunning false eyelashes at incredible prices in Canada!!

The Baci Eyelashes are luxurious, stunningly beautiful and come in various styles and options.  The best part about it all …. come on, hold on to whatever or whoever is near… they are available at incredibly affordable prices!!!

These fake eyelashes come in many styles to enhance and perfect your look.  Wear them to spice up your plus size outfit or when you dress up for an evening out or a special occasion like a wedding or fabulous party and especially to complete your plus size lingerie outfit!  You can even wear them every day.

We have even more great news.  Baci will be launching a plus size lingerie line and we cannot wait to share that with you also.  Keep checking back for more details.

Ok, I digress – back to the lashes.  I almost fell off of my chair when I started looking at these lashes… who would have thought… feather eyelashes?  Diamond studded eyelashes… talk about fluttering your lids… this is it!!

The great thing about Baci eyelashes is that they have something to suit everyone:

DARING?  Then you can try out one of the Baci Magic Colors or the Baci Starlight Edition feather lashes.

NOT SO DARING?  or want something more NATURAL LOOKING?  Then you might want to stick with something that is simple from the Baci ‘Natural Look’ edition but produces an amazing effect.   vps

Regardless of which style you choose, people will do a double take and say ….. hmm, there’s something different about you, you just look great.

Daring, demure, or elegant, Try Baci fake eyelashes today!

Common Bond

6 Jan

We all share a common bond.  We are plus size!!

How many times have we had to run across the border to find something our size that looked decent?  Have you ever found the plus size lingerie style you were looking for or fallen in love with a plus size style online only to discover that they don’t deliver to Canada or the duties are too high and you think to yourself, it just isn’t worth the hassle?

Because of this lack of accessibility for plus size lingerie, we sometimes internalize and even consider ourselves not sexy enough to look for lingerie in our size.  How many times have we walked by ….well… you know the lingerie stores in the shopping malls in Canada without looking inside because we know there was nothing there for us?  Well, we are plus sized and we are sexy too!

FranBlass decided to start a blog to talk about these issues and all things plus size.  We especially want to hear what you have to say too.  So, tell us what you think by dropping us a line or commenting on this blog.  Tell us what you want to see and what you would like to wear.  If you find a style somewhere and you don’t want to have to worry about duty, tell us about it and we’ll see what we can do about getting that style for you.

We just LOVE love lingerie but how often do we wear them?  We don’t wear them often because we can’t find plus size lingerie that is trendy or plus size lingerie that is comfortable and sometimes we can’t even find our size period.  If we do manage to find our size, sometimes it’s just not nice, just plain ugly – there, I said it.  In addition to that, megabucks!  Sometimes, we do have to pay extra for high quality lingerie but sometimes we pay extra just because we’re plus sized.  Our goal is to offer a variety of styles and prices to meet the various needs of our clients.

Now, back to the size issue…Why?  It doesn’t make sense that most of the women and young girls in North America are size 14+ and it is still so hard to find nice plus size lingerie and clothing.   We have good news.  The tide is turning slowly but surely and we’re hoping to see more suppliers providing larger sizes.  Most of our suppliers sell sizes 1X, 2X, and 3X but what about 4X, 5X and 6X?  There are only a few manufacturers out there selling our size.  We are continuously sourcing to find new suppliers offering quality and affordable lingerie in 4X, 5X, 6X and more.

If you are a plus size woman out there, no matter what your size, we hope that while shopping with us that you will find something inspiring about our site and what we have to say and come back to visit again and again and again.

Sorry, you will still see a few smaller people (I was going to say skinny people) modeling lingerie on the site – we plan to banish that but it will take some time 🙂  By the way, did I tell you that we love, love, love lingerie…but how often do we wear plus size lingerie?  I remember on my honeymoon, several years ago, I wore one for each night of the honeymoon and then?  Ha, haaaaaa.  We don’t wear them often enough!  Why?  Well, sometimes we are just not in the mood… period.   Guess what, when you are not in the mood is the time to put on a sexy piece of lingerie.  A lady once told me… if you don’t feel happy, start smiling.  I mean make yourself smile.  It might start off feeling like a grimace but at times, it turns into a real smile.  It’s the same with being ‘in the mood’.  Try it – take a nice bath with something smelling good, light a candle, put on some Barry White and then put on that plus size lingerie and get out there!  You’ll be surprised at how your mood can change just by putting on something sensual and sexy.

Be patient with us, our mission is to bring affordable, excellent quality and still very sexy plus size lingerie fashion to you!!

We sell Plus Size Lingerie in sizes 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, and 6X.  We carry plus size corsets, plus size baby dolls, plus size elegant and sexy long gowns, plus size leather lingerie and clothing too.  Visit our ‘little extra’s’ section for accessory items to complement your outfit.  FranBlass – Plus Size Lingerie is an online store operating out of the Greater Toronto Ontario area (GTA).   Our products are shipped from our Ajax, Ontario location and services Canada and the U.S.   International orders are welcome too.  Enjoy hassle free shopping!  No duties apply to sexy plus size lingerie purchases in Canada.

Enjoy our FREE SHIPPING option!