Baci Eyelashes

6 Jan

We are so excited to introduce to you some stunning false eyelashes at incredible prices in Canada!!

The Baci Eyelashes are luxurious, stunningly beautiful and come in various styles and options.  The best part about it all …. come on, hold on to whatever or whoever is near… they are available at incredibly affordable prices!!!

These fake eyelashes come in many styles to enhance and perfect your look.  Wear them to spice up your plus size outfit or when you dress up for an evening out or a special occasion like a wedding or fabulous party and especially to complete your plus size lingerie outfit!  You can even wear them every day.

We have even more great news.  Baci will be launching a plus size lingerie line and we cannot wait to share that with you also.  Keep checking back for more details.

Ok, I digress – back to the lashes.  I almost fell off of my chair when I started looking at these lashes… who would have thought… feather eyelashes?  Diamond studded eyelashes… talk about fluttering your lids… this is it!!

The great thing about Baci eyelashes is that they have something to suit everyone:

DARING?  Then you can try out one of the Baci Magic Colors or the Baci Starlight Edition feather lashes.

NOT SO DARING?  or want something more NATURAL LOOKING?  Then you might want to stick with something that is simple from the Baci ‘Natural Look’ edition but produces an amazing effect.   vps

Regardless of which style you choose, people will do a double take and say ….. hmm, there’s something different about you, you just look great.

Daring, demure, or elegant, Try Baci fake eyelashes today!

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