What Is Plus Size?

6 Jan

While I was standing in line waiting to pay for some items that I had picked out, I was looking at the stand full of magazines.  On the rack, were titles regarding the Kardashians, pictures of skinny celebrities and weight loss/get fit titles. Then I thought to myself, now, why aren’t there any magazines to celebrate who we are? So I get it – I should lose some weight – the same 20 pounds I’ve been trying to lose for the last 5 years but that stubborn 20 pounds is not falling off.  And even if I lost the 20 pounds, I am still overweight according to the national “Guidelines for Body Weight Classification in Adults”.*

 So why are we not celebrating who we are? We’re big beautiful women! We are women who are smart, fun, bubbly, confident and full of character. There should be more magazines – or at least one magazine on the rack that keeps it real. We need to love who we are.

 Did You Know:

  • 13 million adults weigh over the “standard” weight **
  • 52.3% of the population is considered overweight **
  • The plus-size industry was worth around $22 billion dollars in sales per year+
  • 12 million women aged 18-34 and 20 million women aged 35-54 buy plus-size clothes ++
  • The top 10 plus-size ladies-wear retailers make up 57 per cent of the total plus-size clothing market’s dollar share+++
  • Lots of men prefer plus size women – BBW is now becoming a norm on most dating sites with some sites dedicated to BBW dating.

What is a Plus Size Woman?

Plus size models start at size 10.  Lane Bryant, a popular plus size store in the US start their clothing size at size 14.  Women who may be well endowed above (big breasts) cannot normally fit the regular size 10 shirts.  Other women who have more junk in their trunk (nice round plump bottoms) may not fit a size 14 pair of jeans.  Whether you are pear, athletic, apple or busty shape, being a plus size women, you are voluptuous, you’re curvy and you should embrace your assets!

You are not abnormal – you represent more than half of the population and that makes you pretty normal.  Unfortunately the media does not celebrate us, but we can celebrate us.  You can be beautiful at any size! We encourage you to live a healthy, fit and fabulous life.  Regardless if you’re already living it, or trying to – just live your best life.  

Let us know what you love most about you!

Please leave a comment here on this blog or join our Facebook discussion on the topic of ‘Loving You’….. 


Whatever it is, Love what you have and who you are!

Happy Holidays! 

++ http://www.just-style.com/management-briefing/growth-in-the-us-plus-size-market_id108383.aspx
+++ https://www.npd.com/press/releases/press_080312.html

One Response to “What Is Plus Size?”

  1. GiaLady May 23, 2012 at 9:19 pm #

    Thank you for providing the plus size women and the lovers of these women some sexy lingerie in sizes that fit.Every time I find something that I really like, it is not in my size. We need supportive bras or garments that complement our curves and are sexy. If we feel sexy – we are. I find many of the garments give no support for our breasts. We have enough against us. Life is too short to wait until we lose the weight to wear that sexy outfit. Help us look as good as we can.

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