NO Plus Size Fashion at Toronto Fashion Week?

19 Mar

Plus Size FashionSo did you know that Toronto fashion week is here?

I was excited and decided to hop online to find out if there were any plus size shows in this year’s theme “Moving Fashion Forward.”

Surely there would be one – but to my dismay there were none!

I did however find that there was a plus size runway in the 2013 Spring/Summer show that occurred in October 2012.

Allistyle was the first plus size clothing fashion showing in Toronto Fashion week where there were mixed reviews.

What I read left me both in awe as well as horrified me.  

I was extremely sympathetic to Shainhouse’ story about her daughter Alli and what inspired her collection. I was also pleased to see the great strides that Allistyle, a Canadian company, had made in fashion.

What horrified me was that I read, in more than just one or two articles/blogs, was that there were people who laughed at some of the plus size models; how some people disrespected the show and how the show did not get the same type of attention other runway shows got.

This got me to wondering, is this why there was not even one plus size runway in the Fall/Winter line up this week?

Or is it that there wasn’t a plus size designer that signed up?

Was the fashion too basic in the first plus size run way show?

I am sure that there must be an explanation.

This week, my intention is to find out what happened – why is there no plus size show in Moving Fashion Forward Fashion week?

Do you know why?

Please comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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