Today is International Day of Happiness!

20 Mar
champagne_chin_chinIf you haven’t done something to make you happy in the past (like around Valentine’s day, when I said “go do something to make you happy”), you should most definitely do it today.
In looking for what to write about today, I wanted to see what I can do to be happier. I came across a site:
They have an awesome acronym:
10 keys to happier living: GREAT DREAM
Trying Out
The site has lots of content, tips, how to take action to spread happiness
Hopefully as a full figured woman, you already love who you are.
I know we nit pick at ourselves.
What can be different, what we look like – what we don’t like about certain parts of our bodies. It could be our arms, legs, neck, even that tummy pooch that we can never get rid of.
However what we don’t like can always be what someone else may like or envy. People with curly hair want to straighten their hair, and people with straight hair want to curl their hair.
If you had to think about your significant other, what do they like about you that you dislike about yourself?
If you don’t know already – find out and every time you think, yuck I hate this about me, you can be reminded that your special someone loves you just the way you are.

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