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Figure Friendly Fall Fashion Trends

30 Sep Plus Size Lingerie & Clothing

The word ‘trend’ is enough to make curvy girls tremble, but you don’t have to give up your fashion forward desires this season. Fall 2014 is full of figure-friendly trends for the plus size gal.

1.  Lace

Lace isn’t limited to the lingerie drawer, although that’s a great place to start! This season, jewel toned lace shirts, dresses, shorts, and rompers are warming up cold nights. There is something timelessly classy and yet sexy about a classic-cut lace piece, and you can experiment to find the right shape for your figure. Hourglass figures get serious va-va-voom from bandage lace dresses. A high waist lace short or romper paired with a long-sleeved silk shirt and heels is the perfect look for a romantic evening out on the town.

2.  Animal Print

Let them all hear you ROAR this fall in animal print. Pair a cheetah print knee-length skirt with a fitted black corset and moto jacket, and you’re inner fashionista will howl with glee. Remember the cardinal rule of animal print, pick one garment and style the rest of the outfit around it, so you don’t end up looking like safari road kill!

Could we just revisit the moto jacket, please?

3.  The Moto Jacket

Nothing says chic, cool, and bad to the bone in the very best way like the moto jacket. Whether you’re layering an unzipped moto over plus size lingerie for a sexy evening look or keeping it zipped up and day casual with leather leggings or skinny jeans, the structured, tapered cut of the moto jacket is your curvy girl go-to this fall. While the moto is a classic in black, intrepid shoppers may be able to find it red or purple. The bad girl possibilities are endless!

Happy Fall shopping, friends!


Romance in the Real

23 Sep

Are you a fan of romance novels? Whether or not you enjoy this particular indulgence, statistics show that romance book sales far outpace any other genre of adult fiction. Romance novel sales break a billion dollars annually. What do these numbers tell us about the emotional needs of women? Whether single or married, it’s easy to find yourself in a rut of epic proportions – go to work, come home, clean the house, grocery shop, get up and do it all over again.

Clearly, women are craving romance and adventure, and they are stuck experiencing it vicariously through literature.While reading is a great escape, how do we stop living vicariously and start living romantically in our own lives? This dilemma is especially true for the plus size woman who bears the brunt of our youth obsessed, thin obsessed culture in the bedroom.

Here are a couple of quick and easy suggestions to rediscover romance in your daily life.

Up the romance factor in your boudoir by strategically placing candles for just a touch of fire and light. Candles really do transform a regular room from the same old-same old to a sensual and relaxing retreat. The added bonus? Everyone looks great in candlelight, too.

Wear sexy underwear to the office. You have to feel romantic before ever getting romantic and that starts early in your day. If you’re wearing granny panties to the office, you’re killing your inner romance goddess before she ever gets to come out and play.


Sexy underwear set the tone for your day. Trade in a standard brassiere for the coverage and romance factor of a corset.


By the time you get home, you’ll be ready to leave the book on the nightstand and engage in a little role play of your own!

Fat versus Fit?

22 Sep

Americans are paying more attention than ever to the food products going into their mouths these days.  The current focus on organic, additive-free eating and cooking at home brings up the age-old question, are you living a healthy lifestyle?

Is the 125 pound teenager with the naturally high metabolism who eats fast food four times a week and plays video games 12 hours a day healthier than a mom of two who plays tennis three times a week, cooks organic, and indulges in ice cream on the weekends and weighs in at 175 pounds?  The answer seems obvious, but isn’t.  Health professionals continue to debate the role that fat and BMI plays in our individual health versus the benefits of physical activity and thoughtful food choices.

Plus size model, Crystal Wren, would probably argue that she is much healthier at a heavier weight, than when she was battling anorexia nervosa to maintain straight model status.   Many female Olympic athletes, like Lindsay Vonn (at 165 lbs, BMI 23.7) or hockey player Angela Ruggiero (190 lbs, BMI 28) weigh on the upper end of the weight/height ratio but are still extremely healthy, strong individuals.

It would seem that when it comes to the battle of fat versus fit, the most important choices we make are the only things on which the medical community can totally agree – physical activity at least three times a week for 30-45 minutes for heart health and making healthy, moderate eating choices.  Being society’s definition of “skinny” doesn’t ensure you are actually healthy.

Remember everyone – sex burns calories, too, and is great for your immune system so slip into your sexy plus size lingerie or most romantic babydoll or corset and make healthy living fun!

Not everything that’s good for you is bad for your waistline.   Love and live on!

‘Mama Size’, are you KIDDING me??

16 Sep

My girlfriend just shared an article with me and OK, I literally had to burst out laughing when I read the article on MSN. I suppose it really is no laughing matter but the argument continues. People that wear clothes that are size 12 and up used to be referred to as ‘MAMA SIZE’… oh my, what does THAT mean? I do not even want to imagine.

The article went on to say that some Chinese manufacturer’s still call sizes above size 12 ‘MAMA SIZE’ and it’s only recently that ‘full figured’, ‘curvy’, and ‘plus size’ have come into play. In fact, they mention that even ‘fat’ is becoming popular. If anyone calls me ‘fat’ to my face, well I can’t be held accountable for what happens next.. lol. I mean seriously name calling is just bad business.

To be frank, I’m a little tired of this argument. All I really care about is that when I go into a store, even if I have to go all the way to the back to find my size, I want to EASILY find my size. I actually don’t want to go to the back, I’m spending my hard earned money like everyone else, put my size up front with everyone else’s – after all, size 12 and above is still the majority, not sure what the hold up is in the stores but I can see change ahead.

Anyway, back to ‘mama size’. So I wasn’t sure if I believed this so thought I’d google it and low and behold, it does exist… here are a few items that I saw advertised:

“mama size good material factory supply fat woman underwear”

‘mama size hot sale stylish lace ladies panty’


angry-girlSo, we’ve always said to anyone who will listen, Curvy Girl, Plus Sized, Full Figured, BBW, Large Size, Curvaceous Beauty, Fat? We are called by many names but have to embrace our curves or our shape and love ourselves.

  • Are you angry like this cute little girl?
  • Do you care about these names?
  • Do you have any suggestions on how we can resolve this.
  • Does it need resolving?

Please click below and leave a comment so we can hear your thoughts.

Photo Credit:
MSN Article:  Intelligence:  Plus-Size Clothes Were Once Called ‘Mama Size’

Defining Beauty

12 Sep

The stunning and curvy Sophia Loren once said, “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” Truly, self-confidence is the best accessory we put on in the morning and wear to bed at night. But today’s woman is under a constant bombardment of what constitutes beauty – who is hitting the mark and who is falling short and why?

Recall Beyoncé’s sexy and dynamic performance at the VMA’s, where a voiceover of a Chimanda Ngozi speech says, “We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller…” Meanwhile, Beyoncé’s glistening size-two backup dancers just spent the past 15 minutes undulating up and down poles sporting backsides reminiscent of a prepubescent boy track star – it’s no wonder today’s curvy girl is confused!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the larger societal issues and implications surrounding women and beauty. At the end of the day, though, we each have to define what makes us beautiful, and we don’t have to give up makeup, lingerie, and lacy underwear out of a misguided notion that beauty can’t be… well, feminine.

So what makes you feel beautiful? How do you transition from the work day to a more romantic setting? Do you slip into your new plus size lingerie while cooking up a quick and easy dinner of mac and cheese? Do you feel beautiful after a fresh trip to the salon? Are you more likely to break out that sassy corset or babydoll when you’re wearing red lipstick? Is it hearing your little one say, “I love you, Mommy”? Is it going to sleep knowing you are a good friend, daughter, wife, mother, or professional?

Whatever it is – nurture that which makes you feel beautiful – and have fun doing it!

Boo-tiful Halloween Inspiration

2 Sep

It’s the time of year when we wait on baited breath for the first cool breezes of fall and the color change on the trees. Soon, we will exchange the flip flops and sundresses of summer for the boots and trendy jackets of fall. Plans for upcoming holidays and sporting events add to our autumn anticipation. First on the list – Halloween fantasy, fun!

b-witchIf you’re a plus size woman, finding a costume that is sexy and fun but also fits is no easy feat.

The typical Halloween superstore is a nightmare for anyone over the age of 15 if you’re shopping for a full body costume.  

When the ‘extra large’ size fits the typical American woman’s thigh – it’s time for a new game plan.

Luckily, creativity is free and guarantees you far better quality costumes than anything you might find at the local spooky fly-by-night store. Make no mistake, those stores are great for accessories and ideas, but don’t lose your mind and your confidence attempting to squeeze into their version of a French Maid tube top.

The perfect Halloween attire is moonlighting in your lingerie drawer – or your favorite plus size lingerie website!

basic corsetA basic corset is multifunctional –in and out- of the bedroom!

Want to be a sexy witch?  Start with a basic plus size corset or plus size lingerie in any hot color, add fish nets, a witches’ hat and gloves and bam, you’re ready to go!

Your fantasy isn’t limited to basic go-to costumes either.  When you are using lingerie as the base for your costume, you can go in any direction your heart desires.

Put your creativity to the test, and shop your heart out for body suits, opera gloves, masks, and tiger stripes!

Don’t be afraid to show some curves this Halloween- you are guaranteed to make a few hearts race!

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