Fat versus Fit?

22 Sep

Americans are paying more attention than ever to the food products going into their mouths these days.  The current focus on organic, additive-free eating and cooking at home brings up the age-old question, are you living a healthy lifestyle?

Is the 125 pound teenager with the naturally high metabolism who eats fast food four times a week and plays video games 12 hours a day healthier than a mom of two who plays tennis three times a week, cooks organic, and indulges in ice cream on the weekends and weighs in at 175 pounds?  The answer seems obvious, but isn’t.  Health professionals continue to debate the role that fat and BMI plays in our individual health versus the benefits of physical activity and thoughtful food choices.

Plus size model, Crystal Wren, would probably argue that she is much healthier at a heavier weight, than when she was battling anorexia nervosa to maintain straight model status.   Many female Olympic athletes, like Lindsay Vonn (at 165 lbs, BMI 23.7) or hockey player Angela Ruggiero (190 lbs, BMI 28) weigh on the upper end of the weight/height ratio but are still extremely healthy, strong individuals.

It would seem that when it comes to the battle of fat versus fit, the most important choices we make are the only things on which the medical community can totally agree – physical activity at least three times a week for 30-45 minutes for heart health and making healthy, moderate eating choices.  Being society’s definition of “skinny” doesn’t ensure you are actually healthy.

Remember everyone – sex burns calories, too, and is great for your immune system so slip into your sexy plus size lingerie or most romantic babydoll or corset and make healthy living fun!

Not everything that’s good for you is bad for your waistline.   Love and live on!

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