Beauty Trend Alert – Contouring, Is It Worth the Hype?

25 Oct

Contouring is the hottest trend to make it to our bathroom counters this fall! Long a secret of professional makeup artists, cosmetic companies are now marketing contouring products to the average woman. We, too, can have the cheekbones and full pout of curvy Kim Kardashian with a clever application of the right shades in the right spots and plenty of blending, blending, blending. Did I mention blending?

So how does contouring work? It’s really quite simple. Using a neutral pallet a couple of shades lighter than your natural skin tone, you highlight the areas of your face you want to bring out while using darker shades to contour specific areas (think cheekbones and eye lids) you want to appear more defined.Curious what all the fuss was about in my local beauty store, I scoured the internet for how-to videos featuring the hottest selling kits. Be prepared for some serious face painting, but if you have the time to invest (about an hour when you’re just learning the technique) it’s totally doable from your home. The before and after images will make you a believer, or at the very least you will understand how celebrities get that other-worldly red carpet glow. It’s about 30% genetics and 70% contouring! No lie.Next time you’re ready to spice up a romantic night or try a little sexy afternoon delight, I suggest budgeting time for an extra special contouring session before slipping into your favorite plus size lingerie. It’s guaranteed to make you look like a movie star in the bedroom! We’re talking femme fatale in a corset or dewy ingénue screen goddess in a babydoll. Love or hate Kim K, she’s shown the world that you can have the curvy booty and the defined cheekbones, too.

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