Dinner is Served … in the Bedroom!

3 Nov

Everyone has heard of breakfast in bed, but what about dinner in bed wearing your favorite lingerie? Most of the foods considered to be aphrodisiacs make much better evening eats than morning. Not to mention, most ladies that wear a sexy underwear and corset set or sheer babydoll to bed are going to wake up in the AM without it!

Ladies with curves understand good food, and despite the typical American love/hate relationship with edibles, food is inherently sensual and romantic when done right.

If you are looking for inspiration, start with the staples of the Mediterranean diet – there’s a reason these cultures have a history of romance! Figs, garlic ( yup, you read that right), almonds, asparagus, pomegranates, honey, strawberries, and CHOCOLATE are all ancient workhorses in the bedroom. But you’re not limited to these picks.

The only requirement is moderation, a too-full tummy will put you right to sleep. Whether you keep it simple with strawberries and chocolate or go full-out with an aphrodisiac-laden sampler, remember the real “dessert” comes after you eat.

So surprise your love with a romantic evening that includes a new hot plus size lingerie item (lots of new goodies to choose from) and an aphrodisiac-rich dinner in bed, and you’re sure to wake up smiling!

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