The Perfect Body… Wait, What?

8 Nov

So everyone freaking out over Meghan Trainor’s “skinny shaming” can simmer down.

It seems the fashion retailers continue to visually and verbally exalt those who just eat and eat and eat and can’t help their “skinny genes” – more on that another time. Whatever.

The latest controversy between fashion and women involves a new campaign recently launched by Victoria’s Secret. Flanked by a bevy of lingerie-clad genetically skinny (also airbrushed) models, the slogan read, “The Perfect ‘Body’.”

Outrage ensued.

A petition was launched, a twitter campaign, and a rival lingerie company launched a similar add, except it featured a variety of women’s sizes.

It was interesting to read some of the comments from people. It ranged from complete support for the petition to those men who claimed that they felt to puke when they saw the bottom photo. The comment that made me truly reflect is the one that said:

“I wonder which women are healthier,
and will live longer”.

You simply cannot provide an answer to that question by looking at either the top or bottom photo. At the end of the day, Big Beautiful Wellness says it best:

“Good Health is the ULTIMATE GOAL”
“Body size is not a true indication of Health.”

Amidst the firestorm of negative publicity, Victoria’s Secret seems to have listened, albeit grudgingly, and changed the slogan to something less offensive in recent days.

The VS squad has yet to make a formal statement in regards to the original campaign or address the fact that they changed the slogan at all. It seems to be a case of, “You don’t own me! But please, um still buy our products?”

Thankfully, you have a plus size lingerie home right here at FranBlass! We want you to embrace your beautiful curves and have fun doing it!

Whether you’re shopping for shape enhancing corsets, romantic babydoll nighties or simply new underwear to make you feel sexy as you go through your day, remember your body is your own fashion canvas.

So at the end of the day Meghan Trainor is right-, “It is all about that bass”! For those who are not too familiar with Meghan Trainor, this translates to, ‘It’s all about that BOOTY’!

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