When Less is More

14 Nov

I recently received an email from a good friend espousing the wonders of a new fiber lash mascara. The pictures were admittedly dramatic.

Did I need this product?

Would my eyelashes forever feel skimpy if I stuck to the same old drug store brands I rotated between?

Was it worth the investment, and did I have the time to submit to a four-step mascara process just to ensure my lashes were 300% bigger?

As women we’re addicted to getting made up. Maybe it’s like putting on a different persona. With the right hair and makeup we are more glamorous, alluring – our flaws are hidden from the world. Often times plus size women feel extra societal pressure to present a perfect face.And what goes better with a bombshell black leather corset than red hot lipstick or extra-long flutter eyelashes with the ethereal babydoll lingerie you just purchased? A smoky eye and barely-there underwear – it’s a curvy girl’s ultimate boudoir look!

At its best, makeup is fun and fanciful. But does it ever become a chore for beauty mavens?Well, if you are wearing a full face of makeup for anyone but yourself, you may want to rethink your decision.

A UK study found that both men and women actually prefer a more natural look. While a bare face didn’t score as many attractive points as some makeup, both men and women rated the women’s faces that were not wearing full “going out” makeup as more attractive than the women’s complete looks for an evening out. When interviewed, both sexes still verbalized that more makeup was better, despite choosing images to the contrary.

Think about your own romantic liaisons. Were they evenings when you were made up to the nines or did they take you by chance when your face was much more natural?

Pair this with an earlier study that showed men actually preferred curvier figures than women thought they wanted, and could it be that we are perfect in our lingerie just the way we are?

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