Holiday Fashion for Your Next Get Together

5 Dec

It’s the time of year when we are asked to both indulge in delectable holiday treats and still manage to fit in spectacular outfits for holiday parties, soirees, dinners, and family events.

So, which styles are definite friends of the plus size figure?

Let’s explore the options…

1) The Little Black Dress – At the holidays, you just can’t go wrong in a LBD. The styles available range from a basic A-line cut, to peplum, or something more body conscious and fitted. Black shift dresses are still on trend, but they just don’t scream holiday party to me. Go for a sexy fitted look or a fun flare that you can dress up with sparkly high heels.

2) Speaking of sparkles, sequins are a great way to go from ordinary to holiday. The key is not to go overboard and end up looking like a runaway Miss America contestant.

Look for clothing with clean crisp lines that incorporate sequins tastefully. An embellished tunic with black leggings and knee high boots or a fitted sequined miniskirt with a solid top are all great options for working the bling for less than a diamond ring!

Little Black Dress sequin

3) Say yes to Red. Just because you’re not a size two, doesn’t mean you are indentured to the LBD, as much as I love it.

Say yes to color this season, specifically red. Red flatters a variety of hair colors and skin tones and gives a curvy figure bombshell status, but we are usually too timid to wear it outside of the bedroom.

Dare to shine brightly in red while you’re rocking around the Christmas tree at the next holiday party.

And remember, what you are wearing underneath is just as critical to your holiday fun as the right outfit.

Sexy underwear and plus size lingerie or a pushup, waist-defining corset will enhance your silhouette and give you a naughty little secret to share with someone special later!

red underwear


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