Taking Care of You – Women’s Preventative Health

19 Dec

womens-healthAs the end of 2014 draws near, we tend to take stock of our daily lives and hopefully after a holiday season of indulgence, our health, too.

When it comes to health awareness, women have a specific set of issues we can’t afford to ignore. Just as we need to nurture our romantic lives with a little dash of sexy plus size lingerie in the bedroom, we also need to nurture our general wellness.

So, after opening your presents this year – I’m totally sure they’ll include a sexy corset and a pair or two of skimpy underwear to add to your curvy girl collection – consider making the following wellness appointments to start the New Year on the right foot.

Blood Pressure

We all walk by the arm cuffs at the drug store, but we should be getting our blood pressure checked at least every two years from the age of 18 onward. An ideal blood pressure for women is anything less than 120/80, but the 120s are still considered a safe number.

Don’t freak out if you have one high blood pressure reading. If this occurs, a nurse should re-take your blood pressure using a manual cuff, and it should be monitored at different times of the day before making an official high blood pressure diagnosis.

Pap Smears and Pelvic Exams

We ALL dread the annual pap smear, but the good news is medical experts say that if these exams result in finding anything, the likelihood of treatment and positive results is always high once there is early detection.

Pap smears and pelvic exams are essential checks for reproductive health and cancer prevention. It’s over quickly, and you can reward yourself with a fun lingerie shopping spree to celebrate your proactive approach to women’s health.

Mammograms and Breast Exams

Luckily you can usually knock out the breast exam when you get your pap smear. A breast exam, too, should happen every two years after the age of 20. You can conduct regular breast exams at home in between official medical screenings.

After the age of 40, the Cancer Society recommends annual/bi-annual mammograms depending on your level of risk and family history of breast cancer.

Our health is important, and we deserve to feel our best. Here’s to wishing you and happy and healthy New Year!

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