Plus Size Model Tess Holliday Lands Major Modelling Contract!

30 Jan

Because Tess Holiday said no to fat-shaming, cookie cutter standards of beauty using the hashtag #EffYourBeautyStandards, she was able to say yes to a major modeling contract with MiLK Model Management in the UK becoming the largest model at a size 22 to ever land a major modeling contract.

Tess Munster - Plus Size Model

Tess Holiday refused to give up her dream of becoming an international model despite being told continuously she was too fat and too short to make it in a physically demanding and cutthroat industry where even plus size models averaged between a size 8-18. 

Tess Munster

Tess made a name for herself on social media sites by posting the hashtag #EffYourBeautyStandards, while posing in a variety of plus size lingerie and fashion-forward attire that showcased her size 22 curves and sexy personality.

The world took notice of this unabashed celebration of individual beauty and confidence, and in 2013 (the same year as her Instagram and Twitter campaign launched) she was named as one of the top 20 plus size models by Italian Vogue.  

Tess Holliday

The fact that she was only 5’5″ which is considered short by model standards and a size 22 was completely irrelevant!

Tess Holliday, formerly Tess MunsterRefusing to apologize for her voluptuous size and embracing fashion and sexy lingerie, Tess has inspired millions of other plus size women who have struggled to accept themselves in lieu of often painful and harsh social criticism.


Posing in sexy underwear and lingerie or sometimes something as simple as a girly, A-line sleeveless sundress, Tess’s fans also post photos of themselves modeling formerly “forbidden” items of clothing for plus size women, proudly stating #EffYourBeautyStandards and showing as much skin as they want.

So lovely ladies of all shapes and sizes, big and small – break out the sweet and sassy babydoll you have stashed in your top drawer or order that jaw-dropping red lace corset you’ve been eyeing online, and let’s celebrate our inherent sexiness and femininity as powerful, real women.

Congratulations, Tess Holliday! 


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2 Responses to “Plus Size Model Tess Holliday Lands Major Modelling Contract!”

  1. KELLY G March 29, 2015 at 10:53 pm #

    I’m so pleased to come across your website.
    You are all beautiful, I just loving everything! how does one choose ? I’m in Calgary Alberta, do you have a store close by?
    Thank you

    • faboulousfran May 16, 2015 at 4:40 am #

      Hi Kelly, thank you for visiting. Unfortunately, we don’t have a store but we do carry lots of gorgeous pieces online. Drop us a line if you have any questions/concerns and we will be happy to help…FranBlass

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