Navigating a Yoga Class: Tips for Curvy Beauties Ready to Get Their “Om” On

5 Apr

Yoga is universally recognized for its health benefits. Combining challenging stretches with muscle strengthening moves and balance poses helps reduce stress and gives you a full body workout.

Yoga is wonderfully accessible to all shapes and sizes and ages because it is low impact and encourages people to make each class (and pose) their own. Navigating a yoga class can be a little intimidating if you are new to the practice.

Here are some tips to help you get your “Om” on! 

1) Bring your own yoga mat

Depending on where you practice, mats may or may not be provided so this might be a non-issue, but making sure you have a mat that is thick enough to take pressure off your joints while you are executing a move.  If you carry more weight on your frame, a thin mat just won’t cut it. Sometimes pose modifications involve putting your knees down, so a cushiony mat is a must.

2) Like a good corset, it might be uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t be painful.

No matter your fitness level, a good yoga class will provide challenges and probably some moves you aren’t quite ready for. Don’t push yourself to the point of pain, though. Expect to sweat and possibly curse, but if you feel muscle strain – STOP! It is not worth throwing your back out. Listen to your body. That being said, continue to challenge your body each session.

Photo Credit:  Instagram:  quietforge

Photo Credit: Instagram: quietforge

3) Which takes us to modifications – use them if you need them.

There’s no shame in a modification! A good yoga class will provide modifications for difficult moves so you can participate safely and slowly work towards a goal. Some folks (for a variety of reasons) will never, ever do a “Bird Pose”, and that’s ok- because in yoga it’s all about the journey.

4) Invest in some comfortable and cute yoga clothes.

Looking good not only provides motivation – hello, new plus size lingerie and an increase in bedroom shenanigans – it will also ensure that you have the proper support and comfortable coverage when executing moves. No one wants a t-shirt to flop over her head when she’s in downward dog! And a good sports bra in yoga class is as essential as sexy underwear on your anniversary!

5) Don’t leave early

Stay for Corpse Pose – really! This is your time to relax, rest, and re-center yourself while basking in your post-workout glow. And don’t worry, there’s not really an


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