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2012 off to a great start!

Hello Plus Size World!

Off to a great start in 2012 already and it’s only the beginning. At FranBlass – Plus size Lingerie & Clothing Store, we are definitely gearing up on the social media front and I already have a few things to share with you.

Some things planned for 2012 will be:

  • more blogging (including product reviews from our site and news and articles about plus size and fashion).
  • new contests– our Halloween contest was a huge hit so we have a new one for you. Check it out – Win a boudoir shoot with “How to look good naked” photographer Katie Refling. (additional blog will be posted soon about this exciting opportunity.)
  • more updates via social media – Facebook and Twitter

Join us on twitter and check out some of the exciting tweets from Ben Barry Agency regarding Tim Gunn has to say about plus size models and fashion. I met Ben Barry a few years ago at an event and he is a true champion of body diversity. It’s great that plus size is making some headway in the fashion industry.

Signing off for now…



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