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Victoria’s Secret in Plus Sizes?

4 Feb

Free to Be You and Me?

Recently a petition has surfaced asking Victoria’s Secret, lingerie giant, to expand their product lines to include plus sizes. The petition, started by a plus size woman, has garnered attention online and across the air waves, but the questions that beg to be answered are:

1.  Does Victoria’s Secret have an obligation to sell plus size lingerie and clothing?

2 – Are they being discriminatory – one of the petition’s main points – or missing a business opportunity – the petition’s seemingly second main point by only selling standard sized merchandise? 

Let’s examine Victoria’s Secret obligation to market and sell a plus size line.

As long as free enterprise exists in North America, businesses have every right to control their product lines as they see fit.  Victoria’s Secret already dominates a majority of lingerie sales – with sales reaching 6.6 billion last year alone. Based on these numbers and the current price of Victoria Secret’s stock, it would seem that Victoria’s Secret is quite happily reaching and meeting the needs of millions of happy customers and shareholders.

So, back to the questions:

Are they obligated to sell to plus size women?
Are they being cruel and exclusionary if they don’t?

No, and here’s why.

As a business, they are meeting and possibly exceeding their current business goals, which only includes standard sizes. It isn’t personal, it’s business.   

Are they hurting their bottom line by not expanding and marketing larger sizes?

The free market is dominated by a set of economic rules. The first being there’s a cost to every benefit. A cost-benefit analysis is pretty standard when a company is determining whether to expand or redirect merchandise. I’m sure that Victoria’s Secret – a chain owned by the same company that used to own Lane Bryant – has examined the costs and benefits of offering plus sizes and has so far decided it’s not in their best interest….at this time.

At the end of the day, criticizing Victoria’s Secrets’ business decision not to offer larger sizes makes just as much sense as standard size women criticizing Lane Bryant in the USA for not offering styles in size 0 or size 1.

Businesses fill niches.  A business cannot and should not be expected to be everything to everyone. Plus size women have a myriad of fashion options such as clothing for fuller figures and plus size lingerie today that did not exist even 15 years ago thanks to specialty stores and the Internet.  

While there is still a long long way to go in terms of society’s acceptance of alternate beauty standards, taking issue with Victoria’s Secret for only offering standard sizes really isn’t one of them is it?   Their “Perfect Body” campaign – now that’s another thing!


Holiday Fashion for Your Next Get Together

5 Dec

It’s the time of year when we are asked to both indulge in delectable holiday treats and still manage to fit in spectacular outfits for holiday parties, soirees, dinners, and family events.

So, which styles are definite friends of the plus size figure?

Let’s explore the options…

1) The Little Black Dress – At the holidays, you just can’t go wrong in a LBD. The styles available range from a basic A-line cut, to peplum, or something more body conscious and fitted. Black shift dresses are still on trend, but they just don’t scream holiday party to me. Go for a sexy fitted look or a fun flare that you can dress up with sparkly high heels.

2) Speaking of sparkles, sequins are a great way to go from ordinary to holiday. The key is not to go overboard and end up looking like a runaway Miss America contestant.

Look for clothing with clean crisp lines that incorporate sequins tastefully. An embellished tunic with black leggings and knee high boots or a fitted sequined miniskirt with a solid top are all great options for working the bling for less than a diamond ring!

Little Black Dress sequin

3) Say yes to Red. Just because you’re not a size two, doesn’t mean you are indentured to the LBD, as much as I love it.

Say yes to color this season, specifically red. Red flatters a variety of hair colors and skin tones and gives a curvy figure bombshell status, but we are usually too timid to wear it outside of the bedroom.

Dare to shine brightly in red while you’re rocking around the Christmas tree at the next holiday party.

And remember, what you are wearing underneath is just as critical to your holiday fun as the right outfit.

Sexy underwear and plus size lingerie or a pushup, waist-defining corset will enhance your silhouette and give you a naughty little secret to share with someone special later!

red underwear

Motivated to Move

21 Oct

It’s a myth that plus size women are inherently inactive.

Plus size women often live active and healthy lifestyles. Walking, dance classes, swimming, yoga, and weight training are all fun ways to define and enhance the best of your feminine curves. This ensures you have energy to pursue your passions while taking care of those you love – not to mention looking smoking hot in your plus size lingerie!

So, what’s the biggest obstacles curvy girls face when it comes to hitting the gym or the great outdoors? You guessed it – wardrobe!

The right wardrobe is critical to motivation and performance. Whether it’s slipping on your favorite sexy plus size corset or babydoll for a special romantic night or rocking a red power suit on the day of the big meeting, the right work out wardrobe gets you going and builds confidence. So when it comes to health and wellness, don’t settle for sweat pants and over-sized t-shirts, and don’t let the ‘girls’ hold you back from activities you love.

First things first. Forget the uni-boob sports bra styles popular for smaller chested women. A larger chest requires a sports bra with cups and support. If you absolutely despise an underwire while working out, there are brands that cater to larger chests using a T-back support. That being said, a well-designed underwire sports bra is quite comfortable these days.

Embrace yoga pants and tennis skorts. Toss out the old college sweats and show off your killer curves in a great pair of yoga pants. I happen to think that yoga pants and skorts are universally flattering, and more athletic brands are carrying a variety of colors and styles in plus sizes.

Just say no to baggy T’s. A babydoll top or fitted cotton stretch T or moisture wick fabric will hug you in all the right places. So get moving, shaking, and shimmying and look great doing it!

Never Miss Another Deal…

19 Nov

If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, now is the time to begin.

FranBlass will be offering great deals throughout the season and on the following days.

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Black Friday

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Another One Bites The Dust – Eloquii Closes Down

29 Mar


Although FranBlass is all about lingerie, we do offer limited plus size clothing and are always on the lookout for great finds.

One of the stores that we really like is Eloquii by The Limited because they sell gorgeous clothing for full figures up to size 24 but they don’t sell wholesale nor do they ship to Canada… ugghh!  So, we would just look and smile when we see something we like and move on, oh well.

They’ve only been doing plus size clothing for a single year and now, they’re closing down and I have to wonder why.  

Didn’t they advertise enough?   This is the most glaring opinion that I’ve been reading on the glorious www.  “The Limited didn’t advertise their plus size clothing line enough”. 

eloqui - too cuteeloqui - too cutebeloqui dress2eloquijeanseloqui dress7eloqui dress6

How many of you have heard of Eloquii?  Please tell us by making a comment below.

As mentioned, they do not ship to Canada but I know many Canadians have US shipping addresses so if you happen to have one, you can enjoy their fabulous closeout sale.  They are selling everything:  Plus Size Dresses, Tops, Plus Size Pants, Skinny Jeans, you name it.  They have limited bras and shapewear but you can always visit FranBlass for that 🙂

Check it out at the link below:

NO Plus Size Fashion at Toronto Fashion Week?

19 Mar

Plus Size FashionSo did you know that Toronto fashion week is here?

I was excited and decided to hop online to find out if there were any plus size shows in this year’s theme “Moving Fashion Forward.”

Surely there would be one – but to my dismay there were none!

I did however find that there was a plus size runway in the 2013 Spring/Summer show that occurred in October 2012.

Allistyle was the first plus size clothing fashion showing in Toronto Fashion week where there were mixed reviews.

What I read left me both in awe as well as horrified me.  

I was extremely sympathetic to Shainhouse’ story about her daughter Alli and what inspired her collection. I was also pleased to see the great strides that Allistyle, a Canadian company, had made in fashion.

What horrified me was that I read, in more than just one or two articles/blogs, was that there were people who laughed at some of the plus size models; how some people disrespected the show and how the show did not get the same type of attention other runway shows got.

This got me to wondering, is this why there was not even one plus size runway in the Fall/Winter line up this week?

Or is it that there wasn’t a plus size designer that signed up?

Was the fashion too basic in the first plus size run way show?

I am sure that there must be an explanation.

This week, my intention is to find out what happened – why is there no plus size show in Moving Fashion Forward Fashion week?

Do you know why?

Please comment below and let us know your thoughts.

It’s Valentines Day, Do Something…!

14 Feb

It’s Valentines Day and I’m single.

As I was on my way home, I heard one of the radio hosts state “if you’re single, don’t be sad.”

I don’t feel bad or sad,

I don’t feel lonely,

I’m actually feeling quite content.

Here’s my trick – do something!

You can’t expect that staying at home alone watching W network reruns of ‘The Notebook’ or ‘Valentine’s Day’ is going to make you happy. Whether you go out or stay in, do something that will make you happy and don’t hide away like a hobbit.

Things to do at home

  1. Read a suspense or thriller book maybe even 50 Shades of Grey
  2. Paint – you don’t have to be an artist – do something abstract
  3. Bake/cook – bake a cake, cupcake or cook – if not for yourself bring it into work – they will be sure to scarf it down
  4. Knit or sew – this takes a little bit more skills but if you have it, make yourself something

Go out, leave the house
If you have other single girlfriends that you can go out with great but if you are by yourself, pamper yourself.

Go for a pedicure, manicure AND massage – some work places cover massages so go ahead treat yourself.

While everyone else is running around trying to buy roses, lingerie or jewellery for someone else, get something nice for yourself.  If you are a full figured woman, take advantage of the sales at FranBlass, there’s aValentines day sale on where they are offering a free panty + 10% off of your plus size lingerie or clothing order.  Go for it, you deserve it!

There are many places to volunteer – soup kitchens, animal shelters etc.  Volunteering should make you feel happy by giving back and showing others you care – after all these people and pets also need love.

lovemeGo for a drive and sing at the top of your lungs in the car and smile.

People will be wondering why you are so happy.

Don’t focus on being with someone, be happy with yourself and do something to make YOU happy!


Now off I go to make me happy!

by Flora