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Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini?

29 Apr

With summer just around the corner, suddenly we find ourselves showing a bit more skin than in the colder months. Body angst can creep up unexpectedly when we find ourselves looking in the mirror and critiquing, rather than celebrating, our strong, amazing bodies.

Looking for a swim suit is just one of the modern torturous rituals that women go through at least once a year. So this year, don’t equate a fuller figure with more swimsuit coverage. Sometimes, covering more is actually less flattering to curves than the right cut and support. After all, if you are confidently rocking plus size lingerie – a bathing suit is just a glorified version with a larger audience!

Fit, fit, fit.

You can go in any direction you want stylistically speaking if you have the right fit. Fit includes the proper support and coverage. For example, a high-waisted bikini offers the same shaping as many one-pieces. Look for a swimsuit with underwire or built in support if you are larger than a B-Cup. It’s a must have, no compromise. Proper lift, shows off your waistline, too.

High waisted bikini for plus sizes

Photo Credit: Forever 21, Monif C

Just like in your plus size underwear, fit on the bottom depends on what you are looking for. If you want to show more skin, a higher cut leg is often much more flattering than a granny-skirt or a super low, fitted leg opening. The fabulous thing about a bikini is the options of separates. If you find you are one size on the bottom and another on the top, you can mix and match to get the best fit.

Your lingerie comes in all colors, so should your swimwear! Don’t feel you are limited to black just because you’re a curvy gal. Color blocked prints that diagonal at the waist are flattering and fresh.

Sexy Swimwear for Curves

Photo Credits: Forever 21, Monif C

A floral print can add interest and provide a retro feel, especially with a higher waist. Mimicking the lacing of a corset, many plus size one pieces offer control panels around the waist to streamline an hour glass silhouette, too.

Remember, the best accessory for lingerie in the bedroom is confidence, and it’s also the best accessory (besides a comfortable beach chair) on the beach!‎


Holiday Fashion for Your Next Get Together

5 Dec

It’s the time of year when we are asked to both indulge in delectable holiday treats and still manage to fit in spectacular outfits for holiday parties, soirees, dinners, and family events.

So, which styles are definite friends of the plus size figure?

Let’s explore the options…

1) The Little Black Dress – At the holidays, you just can’t go wrong in a LBD. The styles available range from a basic A-line cut, to peplum, or something more body conscious and fitted. Black shift dresses are still on trend, but they just don’t scream holiday party to me. Go for a sexy fitted look or a fun flare that you can dress up with sparkly high heels.

2) Speaking of sparkles, sequins are a great way to go from ordinary to holiday. The key is not to go overboard and end up looking like a runaway Miss America contestant.

Look for clothing with clean crisp lines that incorporate sequins tastefully. An embellished tunic with black leggings and knee high boots or a fitted sequined miniskirt with a solid top are all great options for working the bling for less than a diamond ring!

Little Black Dress sequin

3) Say yes to Red. Just because you’re not a size two, doesn’t mean you are indentured to the LBD, as much as I love it.

Say yes to color this season, specifically red. Red flatters a variety of hair colors and skin tones and gives a curvy figure bombshell status, but we are usually too timid to wear it outside of the bedroom.

Dare to shine brightly in red while you’re rocking around the Christmas tree at the next holiday party.

And remember, what you are wearing underneath is just as critical to your holiday fun as the right outfit.

Sexy underwear and plus size lingerie or a pushup, waist-defining corset will enhance your silhouette and give you a naughty little secret to share with someone special later!

red underwear

Setting the Mood: 3 Romantic Holiday Must-See Movies

28 Nov

The days are shorter and the nights are colder, so it’s time to snuggle up with your sweetie in your sexiest lingerie and set the mood for a romantic night with some beloved holiday favorites on the DVD or Netflix.

Not all of the movies listed are strictly holiday themed, but they all capture the magic and romance of the season that makes us all want to hug each other a little longer and a little harder. You can even coordinate your plus size lingerie with the movies’ themes!

1) LOVE ACTUALLY – Really you can’t go wrong with this new holiday classic. A collection of holiday vignettes all culminate in a great Mariah Carey ‘All I Want for Christmas’ tribute.

Bonus? Men inexplicably love this movie, too.

Double Bonus? You get to watch Andy Lincoln before he transformed into zombie-king, Rick Grimes! This movie is such a hodgepodge, any lingerie goes – although, I think something with sparkles is in order.

You’ll shine all night long in this twinkly lingerie


2) BRIDGET JONES DIARY – So I like movies set in the UK? Seriously though, this is a curvy girl’s signature movie, and it just so happens to reach it’s climatic finale during the Christmas/New Year’s holiday.

Mark Darcy is the epitome of dreamy, probably because he was based off of Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy, and who doesn’t love Mr. Darcy? For Bridget, I would definitely view in a pair of ‘genuinely tiny knickers’ – what we, in North America, would call underwear! Epic scene ensues.

Plus Size Panties, Knickers

3) MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS – Released in 1944, this Judy Garland family classic gave us the Christmas Carol ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ and a great story about the lives and loves of a turn-of-the century family.

With a beautiful finale that begins at a Christmas Eve ball and ends on an early Christmas morning, this is a holiday must-see.

I promise, you will become completely emotionally invested in this little family by the end.  A romantic babydoll or corset will totally set the viewing mood.


Vintage Glamour

Romance in the Real

23 Sep

Are you a fan of romance novels? Whether or not you enjoy this particular indulgence, statistics show that romance book sales far outpace any other genre of adult fiction. Romance novel sales break a billion dollars annually. What do these numbers tell us about the emotional needs of women? Whether single or married, it’s easy to find yourself in a rut of epic proportions – go to work, come home, clean the house, grocery shop, get up and do it all over again.

Clearly, women are craving romance and adventure, and they are stuck experiencing it vicariously through literature.While reading is a great escape, how do we stop living vicariously and start living romantically in our own lives? This dilemma is especially true for the plus size woman who bears the brunt of our youth obsessed, thin obsessed culture in the bedroom.

Here are a couple of quick and easy suggestions to rediscover romance in your daily life.

Up the romance factor in your boudoir by strategically placing candles for just a touch of fire and light. Candles really do transform a regular room from the same old-same old to a sensual and relaxing retreat. The added bonus? Everyone looks great in candlelight, too.

Wear sexy underwear to the office. You have to feel romantic before ever getting romantic and that starts early in your day. If you’re wearing granny panties to the office, you’re killing your inner romance goddess before she ever gets to come out and play.


Sexy underwear set the tone for your day. Trade in a standard brassiere for the coverage and romance factor of a corset.


By the time you get home, you’ll be ready to leave the book on the nightstand and engage in a little role play of your own!

Boo-tiful Halloween Inspiration

2 Sep

It’s the time of year when we wait on baited breath for the first cool breezes of fall and the color change on the trees. Soon, we will exchange the flip flops and sundresses of summer for the boots and trendy jackets of fall. Plans for upcoming holidays and sporting events add to our autumn anticipation. First on the list – Halloween fantasy, fun!

b-witchIf you’re a plus size woman, finding a costume that is sexy and fun but also fits is no easy feat.

The typical Halloween superstore is a nightmare for anyone over the age of 15 if you’re shopping for a full body costume.  

When the ‘extra large’ size fits the typical American woman’s thigh – it’s time for a new game plan.

Luckily, creativity is free and guarantees you far better quality costumes than anything you might find at the local spooky fly-by-night store. Make no mistake, those stores are great for accessories and ideas, but don’t lose your mind and your confidence attempting to squeeze into their version of a French Maid tube top.

The perfect Halloween attire is moonlighting in your lingerie drawer – or your favorite plus size lingerie website!

basic corsetA basic corset is multifunctional –in and out- of the bedroom!

Want to be a sexy witch?  Start with a basic plus size corset or plus size lingerie in any hot color, add fish nets, a witches’ hat and gloves and bam, you’re ready to go!

Your fantasy isn’t limited to basic go-to costumes either.  When you are using lingerie as the base for your costume, you can go in any direction your heart desires.

Put your creativity to the test, and shop your heart out for body suits, opera gloves, masks, and tiger stripes!

Don’t be afraid to show some curves this Halloween- you are guaranteed to make a few hearts race!

   b-dominiquegloves   b-fishnet

Panties are a MUST but who says they have to be frumpy?

27 Mar

Check out these hot selections.  These are some of our new plus size panty selections… cute, cute, cute

Want more?  visit the panty link below:


STM-9754X-plus-size-lingerie-crotchless-panty-seven-til-midnight STM-9292X-plus-size-lingerie-canada-seven-til-midnight-red STM-9750X-plus-size-crotchless-panty-seven-til-midnight-black-bSTM-9760X-plus-size-lingerie-lace-ruffle-garterbelt-seven-til-midnight-white-2

Another One Bites The Dust – Eloquii Closes Down

29 Mar


Although FranBlass is all about lingerie, we do offer limited plus size clothing and are always on the lookout for great finds.

One of the stores that we really like is Eloquii by The Limited because they sell gorgeous clothing for full figures up to size 24 but they don’t sell wholesale nor do they ship to Canada… ugghh!  So, we would just look and smile when we see something we like and move on, oh well.

They’ve only been doing plus size clothing for a single year and now, they’re closing down and I have to wonder why.  

Didn’t they advertise enough?   This is the most glaring opinion that I’ve been reading on the glorious www.  “The Limited didn’t advertise their plus size clothing line enough”. 

eloqui - too cuteeloqui - too cutebeloqui dress2eloquijeanseloqui dress7eloqui dress6

How many of you have heard of Eloquii?  Please tell us by making a comment below.

As mentioned, they do not ship to Canada but I know many Canadians have US shipping addresses so if you happen to have one, you can enjoy their fabulous closeout sale.  They are selling everything:  Plus Size Dresses, Tops, Plus Size Pants, Skinny Jeans, you name it.  They have limited bras and shapewear but you can always visit FranBlass for that 🙂

Check it out at the link below: