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The Perfect Body… Wait, What?

8 Nov The Perfect Body

So everyone freaking out over Meghan Trainor’s “skinny shaming” can simmer down.

It seems the fashion retailers continue to visually and verbally exalt those who just eat and eat and eat and can’t help their “skinny genes” – more on that another time. Whatever.

The latest controversy between fashion and women involves a new campaign recently launched by Victoria’s Secret. Flanked by a bevy of lingerie-clad genetically skinny (also airbrushed) models, the slogan read, “The Perfect ‘Body’.”

Outrage ensued.

A petition was launched, a twitter campaign, and a rival lingerie company launched a similar add, except it featured a variety of women’s sizes.

It was interesting to read some of the comments from people. It ranged from complete support for the petition to those men who claimed that they felt to puke when they saw the bottom photo. The comment that made me truly reflect is the one that said:

“I wonder which women are healthier,
and will live longer”.

You simply cannot provide an answer to that question by looking at either the top or bottom photo. At the end of the day, Big Beautiful Wellness says it best:

“Good Health is the ULTIMATE GOAL”
“Body size is not a true indication of Health.”

Amidst the firestorm of negative publicity, Victoria’s Secret seems to have listened, albeit grudgingly, and changed the slogan to something less offensive in recent days.

The VS squad has yet to make a formal statement in regards to the original campaign or address the fact that they changed the slogan at all. It seems to be a case of, “You don’t own me! But please, um still buy our products?”

Thankfully, you have a plus size lingerie home right here at FranBlass! We want you to embrace your beautiful curves and have fun doing it!

Whether you’re shopping for shape enhancing corsets, romantic babydoll nighties or simply new underwear to make you feel sexy as you go through your day, remember your body is your own fashion canvas.

So at the end of the day Meghan Trainor is right-, “It is all about that bass”! For those who are not too familiar with Meghan Trainor, this translates to, ‘It’s all about that BOOTY’!


‘Mama Size’, are you KIDDING me??

16 Sep

My girlfriend just shared an article with me and OK, I literally had to burst out laughing when I read the article on MSN. I suppose it really is no laughing matter but the argument continues. People that wear clothes that are size 12 and up used to be referred to as ‘MAMA SIZE’… oh my, what does THAT mean? I do not even want to imagine.

The article went on to say that some Chinese manufacturer’s still call sizes above size 12 ‘MAMA SIZE’ and it’s only recently that ‘full figured’, ‘curvy’, and ‘plus size’ have come into play. In fact, they mention that even ‘fat’ is becoming popular. If anyone calls me ‘fat’ to my face, well I can’t be held accountable for what happens next.. lol. I mean seriously name calling is just bad business.

To be frank, I’m a little tired of this argument. All I really care about is that when I go into a store, even if I have to go all the way to the back to find my size, I want to EASILY find my size. I actually don’t want to go to the back, I’m spending my hard earned money like everyone else, put my size up front with everyone else’s – after all, size 12 and above is still the majority, not sure what the hold up is in the stores but I can see change ahead.

Anyway, back to ‘mama size’. So I wasn’t sure if I believed this so thought I’d google it and low and behold, it does exist… here are a few items that I saw advertised:

“mama size good material factory supply fat woman underwear”

‘mama size hot sale stylish lace ladies panty’


angry-girlSo, we’ve always said to anyone who will listen, Curvy Girl, Plus Sized, Full Figured, BBW, Large Size, Curvaceous Beauty, Fat? We are called by many names but have to embrace our curves or our shape and love ourselves.

  • Are you angry like this cute little girl?
  • Do you care about these names?
  • Do you have any suggestions on how we can resolve this.
  • Does it need resolving?

Please click below and leave a comment so we can hear your thoughts.

Photo Credit:
MSN Article:  Intelligence:  Plus-Size Clothes Were Once Called ‘Mama Size’

Fashion Seems to End at Size 12

26 Aug

When I’m working in the real world with real women and we’re shopping, we find that fashion seems to end when you get any larger than a size 12,” Gunn told The Huffington Post. “How ridiculous is that?

Yes, how ridiculous is THAT? I don’t get it – the population of North America is largely above size 12 and screams that we need more easily available, more attractive, more figure flattering clothing but no one seems to get it.

It’s hard to believe that we are still mostly regulated to shopping online when it’s so much better to be able to try things on and leave knowing that what you have purchased fit the way you want it to or at least you know up front what adjustments you need to make.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that we have the opportunity to shop online but it would be great to be able to walk into a store, see what you want and purchase it too.

Many designers are ignoring the population above size 12 when it seems to me there is nothing to lose and everything to gain?

NO Plus Size Fashion at Toronto Fashion Week?

19 Mar

Plus Size FashionSo did you know that Toronto fashion week is here?

I was excited and decided to hop online to find out if there were any plus size shows in this year’s theme “Moving Fashion Forward.”

Surely there would be one – but to my dismay there were none!

I did however find that there was a plus size runway in the 2013 Spring/Summer show that occurred in October 2012.

Allistyle was the first plus size clothing fashion showing in Toronto Fashion week where there were mixed reviews.

What I read left me both in awe as well as horrified me.  

I was extremely sympathetic to Shainhouse’ story about her daughter Alli and what inspired her collection. I was also pleased to see the great strides that Allistyle, a Canadian company, had made in fashion.

What horrified me was that I read, in more than just one or two articles/blogs, was that there were people who laughed at some of the plus size models; how some people disrespected the show and how the show did not get the same type of attention other runway shows got.

This got me to wondering, is this why there was not even one plus size runway in the Fall/Winter line up this week?

Or is it that there wasn’t a plus size designer that signed up?

Was the fashion too basic in the first plus size run way show?

I am sure that there must be an explanation.

This week, my intention is to find out what happened – why is there no plus size show in Moving Fashion Forward Fashion week?

Do you know why?

Please comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Do Something Follow-up

18 Feb

As per my Valentines day rant, here are the things that made me happy on February 14th.

1)      Had a yummy Cora’s breakfast

2)      Shopped – took advantage of a 50% coupon

3)      Made myself a nice prime rib and mash potato dinner with corn on the cob

4)      Worked on toppers for cupcakes

National cupcake day is coming up and I decided to start early to create my toppers – puppies and kittens.

caketopper1 caketopper2 caketopper3 caketopper4

These will grace my cupcakes on February 25th and proceeds will go towards animal charities.

I hope you had a happy day too!

Share what you do that makes you happy by clicking on the link below and leaving a comment.

by Flora

It’s Valentines Day, Do Something…!

14 Feb

It’s Valentines Day and I’m single.

As I was on my way home, I heard one of the radio hosts state “if you’re single, don’t be sad.”

I don’t feel bad or sad,

I don’t feel lonely,

I’m actually feeling quite content.

Here’s my trick – do something!

You can’t expect that staying at home alone watching W network reruns of ‘The Notebook’ or ‘Valentine’s Day’ is going to make you happy. Whether you go out or stay in, do something that will make you happy and don’t hide away like a hobbit.

Things to do at home

  1. Read a suspense or thriller book maybe even 50 Shades of Grey
  2. Paint – you don’t have to be an artist – do something abstract
  3. Bake/cook – bake a cake, cupcake or cook – if not for yourself bring it into work – they will be sure to scarf it down
  4. Knit or sew – this takes a little bit more skills but if you have it, make yourself something

Go out, leave the house
If you have other single girlfriends that you can go out with great but if you are by yourself, pamper yourself.

Go for a pedicure, manicure AND massage – some work places cover massages so go ahead treat yourself.

While everyone else is running around trying to buy roses, lingerie or jewellery for someone else, get something nice for yourself.  If you are a full figured woman, take advantage of the sales at FranBlass, there’s aValentines day sale on where they are offering a free panty + 10% off of your plus size lingerie or clothing order.  Go for it, you deserve it!

There are many places to volunteer – soup kitchens, animal shelters etc.  Volunteering should make you feel happy by giving back and showing others you care – after all these people and pets also need love.

lovemeGo for a drive and sing at the top of your lungs in the car and smile.

People will be wondering why you are so happy.

Don’t focus on being with someone, be happy with yourself and do something to make YOU happy!


Now off I go to make me happy!

by Flora