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International Boost Your Self Esteem Month

25 Feb

Once again… Do something. When we do things to make us feel good, it increases our self-esteem and makes us feel good. Doing any one of the activities mentioned in my previous rant is a good start.

Pamper Yourself

Plus Size & Sexy Too Contest

FranBlass Boudoir Photoshoot Contest Winner

Do a Photoshoot
– Some of you may hate yourselves in pictures but getting dressed up for a photoshoot can do wonders for your self-esteem.

Last year FranBlass ran a contest regarding called plus size and sexy too about being a plus size woman and self esteem. The winner (pictured here) received a boudoir photo shoot by Katie Refling, a photographer from ‘How to Look Good Naked’ Canada and had a great time.

Click here to see more of what our winner Kerry had to say about the shoot.

Try something new – I still try to take up new things, and as you can see from some of the pictures – I took up cake decorating and I always amaze myself that I can make these things and do a good job. Try something new and amaze yourself with your undiscovered talents.

Dress up – Did you know when you dress up, the day gets better? Whether you’re dressed up for work or you put on a sexy plus size lingerie piece and jump into bed, you’ll end up feeling good. At Franblass, pick out an outfit for day or night and feel good in it.

Self talk – I know some of you may feel a little crazy doing this, but telling yourself that you a great, that you can do something will make you feel good. When was the last time you did something well and told yourself I’m awesome and you felt bad? I am sure not often enough if ever.

Having a hard time complimenting yourself? I saw a Facebook post in December about writing down all the good things that happen to you, things that make you smile, your positive qualities or when you do something well. Put these little notes in a jar – try to do one a day and read it at the end of the year. Instead of reading it at the end of the year – take one out when your feeling down and read it – it will make you feel better about you. 

Smile – Do you ever look at people when they are walking or driving. They don’t always look so happy. Think of this the next time you see them and instead of thinking about why they may not be happy, think about you and what makes you happy. You’re full figured and fabulous!  seo

Comments or posts on how you boost your self-esteem are welcomed!

by Flora