Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini?

29 Apr

With summer just around the corner, suddenly we find ourselves showing a bit more skin than in the colder months. Body angst can creep up unexpectedly when we find ourselves looking in the mirror and critiquing, rather than celebrating, our strong, amazing bodies.

Looking for a swim suit is just one of the modern torturous rituals that women go through at least once a year. So this year, don’t equate a fuller figure with more swimsuit coverage. Sometimes, covering more is actually less flattering to curves than the right cut and support. After all, if you are confidently rocking plus size lingerie – a bathing suit is just a glorified version with a larger audience!

Fit, fit, fit.

You can go in any direction you want stylistically speaking if you have the right fit. Fit includes the proper support and coverage. For example, a high-waisted bikini offers the same shaping as many one-pieces. Look for a swimsuit with underwire or built in support if you are larger than a B-Cup. It’s a must have, no compromise. Proper lift, shows off your waistline, too.

High waisted bikini for plus sizes

Photo Credit: Forever 21, Monif C

Just like in your plus size underwear, fit on the bottom depends on what you are looking for. If you want to show more skin, a higher cut leg is often much more flattering than a granny-skirt or a super low, fitted leg opening. The fabulous thing about a bikini is the options of separates. If you find you are one size on the bottom and another on the top, you can mix and match to get the best fit.

Your lingerie comes in all colors, so should your swimwear! Don’t feel you are limited to black just because you’re a curvy gal. Color blocked prints that diagonal at the waist are flattering and fresh.

Sexy Swimwear for Curves

Photo Credits: Forever 21, Monif C

A floral print can add interest and provide a retro feel, especially with a higher waist. Mimicking the lacing of a corset, many plus size one pieces offer control panels around the waist to streamline an hour glass silhouette, too.

Remember, the best accessory for lingerie in the bedroom is confidence, and it’s also the best accessory (besides a comfortable beach chair) on the beach!‎


You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato – #Droptheplus

29 Apr #droptheplus

The controversy surrounding the term ‘plus size’ was recently brought to a head by prominent names in the fashion industry, including Australian size 8 model, Stefania Ferrario, and others like Kami Crawford. These are just a couple of the women who have banded together to demand the elimination of the term, ‘plus size’ in the fashion and modeling world. The women contend that the name is not only limiting and insulting, but unnecessary. A model is a model; a woman is a woman – no more, no less, no matter her size.



However, other prominent names in the plus size fashion industry, like Tess Munster and Laura Wells, embrace the plus size label because it has allowed them to brand themselves and pick up lucrative niche, as well as, mainstream contracts, while spreading the message that beauty does, indeed, come in all sizes.

Tess Holliday and Laura Wells

While some industry giants, like IMG Models, claim to no longer separately label “standard” size models versus “plus size models”, the question remains – how do stores, designers, advertising campaigns, etc delineate what goods they have to offer if the term ‘plus size’ is retired? Will stores no longer organize their clothing according to size – which is actually done to benefit the consumer.

Who wants to wade through a rack of Junior clothes/sizes if you’re 35 with hips? And why wade through a rack of zero to twelves, if you are a size 18? In today’s convenience obsessed society, it seems ludicrous to do away with descriptive size information that saves shoppers time and money.

According to Jenne Runk, “the term ‘plus size’ is just a term used to describe a body type, like tall, short, athletic, curvy, or anything else. I don’t see anything negative about it, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being called plus size. To me, it’s just a label. Some people call me plus size; some people say I’m not. It makes no difference to me. Some people call my hair brunette and some call it dirty blonde, that means as much to me as whether or not I’m called plus size. How other people describe me doesn’t define how I see myself.”

She continues to say, “I often refer to myself as a ‘large person,’ because I am, literally, large. I’m taller and bigger than many of my female friends. I simply take up more space; I’ve always been that way. I don’t care what the fashion industry calls me. If they want to call me plus size, that’s fine with me; if they want to call me a model, that’s fine, too. I’m not ashamed or afraid of my body type. I’m not ashamed or afraid of any words people might use to describe it.”

Plus Size Model Jennie Runk

Plus Size Model – Jennie Runk

Perhaps the problem lies in the perception of “plus size” women, rather than the term itself. If modeling agencies and stores transform their terminology to something with a perceived more flattering undertone (ie ‘curvy line’), will such a change suddenly radically transform the way society treats/views larger women?

While Ferrario’s frustration is understandable within the modeling world, since at a size 8 she is well within standard sizes, it seems her argument is more with the extreme standards set by the fashion world for models rather than the practical application of the term ‘plus size’ as a description for sizes above a 12.

Maybe everyone should just take a deep breath and remember the famous words of The Bard himself, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Credits:  Quotes from models taken from this great article.

Essential Oils for Wellness

29 Apr Essential Oils for Wellness

There’s nothing sexy about feeling yucky, and it’s hard to feel confident when your body is tired, drained, and bloated. So don’t let all your plus size lingerie go to waste because you have a headache at the end of the day!

If you’re looking to improve your overall wellness, essential oils promise to transform your health without the side effects of prescription or over –the-counter drugs. So let’s take a peek at some of the top essential oils for health and wellness.

Essential oils aren’t new – in fact they have a long history of healing and romantic properties before the advent of modern medicine.

Cinnamon Bark Oil

It’s not just for baking! Cinnamon is a powerful anti -inflammatory and antiviral in its bark form. It also boosts brain activity and helps you fight off fatigue. Great as a digestive aid or to ward off traveler’s diarrhea, take a few drops of cinnamon bark oil a day with a glass of water. You can also use cinnamon in a sachet to scent your lingerie and underwear drawer, as it claims to have aphrodisiac properties as well.

Cinnamon Bark Oil is an Essential Oil


Peppermint Oil

The cool, minty scent of peppermint alone gives it refreshing, revitalizing properties at the end of a long day, but it can also relieve pain from stress headaches. Rub a few drops of the essential oils on your temples or the back of your head. It stops the pain without the bother of rebound headaches caused by ibuprofen, and it won’t upset your stomach. In fact, peppermint is also beneficial for digestion issues and the dreaded abdominal bloating.Place a few drops in water and drink, and your curvy silhouette is back and ready to party (possibly in a tightly laced corset)!

Peppermint Oil is an Essential Oil

Source: Shutterstock

Basil Oil

Does your skin look tired and sallow? Basil oil, when used topically, protects against acne and improves skin tone and brightness.Work a few drops through your hair for added luster and shine, too.
Basil Oil is an Essential Oil


Essential oils are worth investigating, but make sure you are buying from a reputable, natural source to maximize the benefits and ensure you aren’t getting any synthetic by products. They are also a highly concentrated substance, so do your research and make safe, informed choices if you choose to use them.

Stay tuned for part two of essential oils, you can pull out those sexy plus size lingerie, we will explore their use in the bedroom and matters of the heart!

Bon Voyage – How to Pack Your Lingerie

20 Apr Plus Size Lingerie, How to Pack

You work hard, and it’s time for a little treat. A romantic getaway with your sweetie or a solo trip is the perfect way to recharge your batteries. Packing, at least for women, can be an arduous task. How much do you pack? Have you brought too many pants and not enough shirts? Should you bring your tennis shoes? How many fancy dinner dresses are too many?

While those questions may never be answered, one thing you can be sure of is how to safely pack your plus size lingerie so you can maintain your sexy on the go!

1) Plan your outfits first. Lingerie isn’t just for the bedroom. It also has a functional use. And depending on your outfit, you may need to adjust your lingerie. Does a certain dress or pair of pants require a certain pair of underwear to look its best? Does a fitted white t-shirt look amazing with the hint of a lacy white bra underneath? Plan accordingly.

2) Maintain the natural shape of your brassiere by twisting at its middle and stacking the cups on top of each other. For a corset, lay it flat and stuff the cups with socks or underwear to maintain their shape.

3) Double duty. Some of your lingerie can do double duty as outerwear. A great little babydoll in a non-shear fabric can double as a top with skinny jeans and heels. A corset can peek out of a blazer for a sexy, edgy look. A robe or chemise can work as a cover up at the pool. The possibilities are endless, so get creative with your wardrobe.

4) A lingerie bag and travel size of detergent
Packing a lingerie bag is a great way to protect the fabric of your lingerie – especially if the fabric is delicate. A travel size gentle detergent is also a good idea to bring along. In case that special piece of lingerie gets a wine stain, you can wash it out immediately rather than waiting till you get home.

Remember, the perfect plus size lingerie is a great addition to any vacation. With the right undergarments, you’re sure to feel sexy, glamorous, and put together on your out of town adventure!

Navigating a Yoga Class: Tips for Curvy Beauties Ready to Get Their “Om” On

5 Apr

Yoga is universally recognized for its health benefits. Combining challenging stretches with muscle strengthening moves and balance poses helps reduce stress and gives you a full body workout.

Yoga is wonderfully accessible to all shapes and sizes and ages because it is low impact and encourages people to make each class (and pose) their own. Navigating a yoga class can be a little intimidating if you are new to the practice.

Here are some tips to help you get your “Om” on! 

1) Bring your own yoga mat

Depending on where you practice, mats may or may not be provided so this might be a non-issue, but making sure you have a mat that is thick enough to take pressure off your joints while you are executing a move.  If you carry more weight on your frame, a thin mat just won’t cut it. Sometimes pose modifications involve putting your knees down, so a cushiony mat is a must.

2) Like a good corset, it might be uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t be painful.

No matter your fitness level, a good yoga class will provide challenges and probably some moves you aren’t quite ready for. Don’t push yourself to the point of pain, though. Expect to sweat and possibly curse, but if you feel muscle strain – STOP! It is not worth throwing your back out. Listen to your body. That being said, continue to challenge your body each session.

Photo Credit:  Instagram:  quietforge

Photo Credit: Instagram: quietforge

3) Which takes us to modifications – use them if you need them.

There’s no shame in a modification! A good yoga class will provide modifications for difficult moves so you can participate safely and slowly work towards a goal. Some folks (for a variety of reasons) will never, ever do a “Bird Pose”, and that’s ok- because in yoga it’s all about the journey.

4) Invest in some comfortable and cute yoga clothes.

Looking good not only provides motivation – hello, new plus size lingerie and an increase in bedroom shenanigans – it will also ensure that you have the proper support and comfortable coverage when executing moves. No one wants a t-shirt to flop over her head when she’s in downward dog! And a good sports bra in yoga class is as essential as sexy underwear on your anniversary!

5) Don’t leave early

Stay for Corpse Pose – really! This is your time to relax, rest, and re-center yourself while basking in your post-workout glow. And don’t worry, there’s not really an

Spring 2015: Fashion Trends

25 Feb

Spring is in the air and warm weather is just around the corner, so it’s time to update your wardrobe with the freshest looks of the season. The Spring runway shows had an abundance of simple lines and cool, soft, natural colors. Curvy-girl friendly, this seasons look-book is less about one particular style and cut and more about evoking an overall feeling of casual romance and plein air chic, and with a palette that channels the beautiful colors of nature, you’re sure to be ringing in the first day of Spring in style. 

1) Easy Breezy Layers
Light layers of filmy natural fabrics are currently on trend for plus size fashion, according to stylists. Think cotton tank tops in creams and whites layered with sheer blue or gray swing tops or cotton peasant blouses and tunics topped with a sweater in a contrasting color. Pair these easy breezy styles with capri pants or cuffed jeans, and don’t forget properly fitted lingerie to ensure you have enough lift and support to pull off these looser, less structured looks. Lightly layered, you’re ready to spend the afternoon reveling in the sunshine or the shade.
Dress for Girls with Curves

Photo Credit: Dream Diva

2) Abstract florals
These aren’t your grandmother’s florals. This floral trend sports a less literal interpretation of Spring’s blooms. Abstract flower designs and bright patterns adorn spring dresses this season, and hem lengths are decidedly longer than in the fall. The universally flattering A-line dresses share the spotlight with longer, free flowing skirts and dresses. If you choose to go traditional with a fit and flair A-line, a waist-cinching corset underneath is sure to give your silhouette drama and old-fashioned sex appeal, while the fresh floral print will keep your look current and on trend.

Plus Size Floral Dress

Photo Credit: Igigi


3) Denim dreams
Soft, broken-in denim on denim looks are having a big moment this Spring. What’s so great about this for plus size fashion? Every woman has a favorite cut of blue jeans, and since the look isn’t limited to a skinny jean or a boot cut or a boyfriend, you are free to indulge in whatever cut and style best suits your figure… or your whim that day.


Denim for Curves

Photo Credit: Europa Woman

The key is making sure that your denims aren’t matchy matchy. Combining different washes and textures will keep you looking like a laid back goddess rather than a Denim Dan!

Isn’t it Romantic?

18 Feb Romance

With the success and controversy surrounding pop culture hits like Fifty Shades of Gray – I once heard someone say that if Christian Gray lived in a trailer and worked at McDonalds, it wouldn’t be a romance novel but an episode of Dateline – one has to ask, is romance dead? Or better yet, is it still important?

How do you keep romance alive and well in your relationship? Here’s some advice from the experts (and happily it doesn’t involve a sexual contract or pain, unless of course that’s your thing!)

1) Date night – As simple as it sounds, making alone time for each other at least once a week is a great way to reconnect and remember what you love about your significant other. Sure, you always read this little gem of advice in online articles and magazines, but do you do it?

Between kids, work demands, and keeping a household running this is surprisingly hard to accomplish!

Start small – aim for a date night out of the house once a month and schedule other stay-at-home “date nights” once a week, like watching a movie together or sharing a late-night dessert.

2) Evaluate your appearance – Yes, your partner loves you just the way you are, but if you want to up the romance factor then pretend you’re still in the dating stage again and dress accordingly.
Style your hair in a new way or an old favorite. Freshen your makeup before you see each other at the end of the day. Cook dinner in your sexy plus size lingerie instead of your standby yoga pants. Buy new underwear.

Seriously.  A little glimpse of something new, sexy and exotic showcasing your curvy assets before the work day begins will make him ready to come home, and you’ll feel like a whole new woman, too.

3) Communication is key – You can’t expect each other to be mind readers. Communicate what you want from your significant other and ask him to do the same.

I have a friend who owns mostly ‘ladylike’ lingerie, and one day her husband asked her to purchase a corset and garter belt because he had a fantasy of her in something more risqué.

So, don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone or ask him to! It’s a risk worth taking!